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Skilled and Trained Workforce Requirements

California is embarking on a new scheme to restrict construction activities to graduates of apprenticeship programs. 

While the current Skilled and Trained Workforce mandates only apply to certain public works projects, we predict future expansion. The current mandates are sprinkled in different code sections and vary in specifics. WECA understands the current requirements and enforcement potential and can give C10 and C7 contractors the best current advice on how to comply with the requirements.

All construction workers on some public works are required to have graduated from an approved apprenticeship program or have the equivalent hours of experienced as an apprenticeship program in that craft (e.g. commercial electrician – 8,000 hours).

There is a stepped mandate that an increasing percentage of workers must have graduated from a state apprenticeship program--forcing out of the workforce those who would have qualified under the “equivalency” provision or into the “subclass.”

DIR Summary of Selected Skilled and Trained Workforce (STW) Statutes


WECA's Solution for our Member Contractors and Their Employees: Accelerated Apprenticeship

For individuals who already perform at journey level, WECA will work with individual Member Contractors and their employees to perform an assessment that will identify any areas the individual would need to demonstrate competency in to complete Apprenticeship requirements.  Based on the outcome of the assessment, WECA will assign the related instruction that must be successfully completed in order for the individual to qualify for an Apprenticeship Certificate.  In order to enter WECA's Apprenticeship Program in this manner, the individual must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must possess a High School Diploma or General Education Certificate
  • Must possess current active Electrical Certification Card (General Electrician, Residential Electrician, Fire/Life/Safety Technician and/or Voice Data Video Technician)
  • And must pass the following assessments:

1.    Color Identification Exam

2.    Basic Skills Test

a.    Measurement

b.    Reading

c.    Arithmetic

3.    Multi-Craft Aptitude Test

4.    Oral Interview

5.    Drug Test

Once the individual has been accepted into the Apprenticeship Program he/she will be required to complete a minimum of 6 calendar months in the program, this time may be greater based on the individuals assessment outcome.  During the term of Apprenticeship this individual will be an Apprentice and both the Member Contractor and the individual will be expected to abide by the Standards, Rules and Policies of WECA's Apprenticeship Program, including meeting the Apprentice Supervision requirement.  For more details please contact WECA.