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WECA’s ET Program

The WECA ET Program

WECA’s state-approved Electrician Trainee program is available to students throughout the state of California. All classes are exclusively taught by experienced electrical industry professionals.

Attend classes online; get hands-on training in person

Get Wired!Electrician Trainees who undertake their education at WECA can choose from a variety of courses. Many are part of WECA's GetWired program, and are conducted online over instructor-led live webcast in the evenings, allowing Electrician Trainees to attend after work, and without having to travel. Students also participate in hands-on electrical labs at WECA's modern training facilities. Many courses include 1-2 onsite instructor-led lab days, on weekends, to allow Electrician Trainees to practice and develop hands-on electrical skills that complement what they’re learning in class. Other courses are fully online, either instructor-led or self-paced. Explore the three ways to take WECA GetWired courses here:

Video: Three Ways to Take WECA GetWired


By enrolling in WECA's ET Program, you are committing to your education and developing your skills for your career in the electrical trade. If you complete the full program successfully, you will earn an Electrician Trainee Program Certificate from WECA. The State of California accepts this certificate as proof of education completion when applying to take a General or Residential Electrician certification exam.


How our Get Wired! Blended Learning Program Works

  • Attend online, instructor-led, live-webcast classes on weekday evenings, two days a week. 
    • For most classes, additionally attend one onsite, hands-on lab day per class, on a Saturday, in Northern or Southern California.

What is a live webcast course?

WECA offers the convenience and cost-savings of distance-learning electrician training. Electrician Trainees complete the online portion of their courses by joining other students and an instructor for lecture and discussions in a "live webcast" virtual classroom environment. 

WECA's live webcast courses allow WECA to accommodate the training needs of students who don’t live close to a training center location, or who simply enjoy the convenience of being able to take a course from the comfort of their home, office, or any location with internet access.

A live webcast class in action:

Live Webcast, instructor perspective

Other Course Options

WECA also offers shorter self-paced online courses with which Electrician Trainees can supplement their Electrician Trainee Program Path coursework. While these courses are not requirements for the Electrician Trainee Program Certificate, they can be used to make up missed hours or plug gaps between classes, allowing you to maintain your ET registration with the state of California.

Program Policies and Procedures

Download our Electrician Trainee Student Handbook from ET Forms and Resources to learn more about program policies and procedures.

How to Get Started

Register for a Class

Enrolling as an Electrician Trainee: A two-step process in which you enroll with WECA and register with the State of California.

First Time? Have questions? Call us at 1-877-444-9322 for guidance.

Training Center Locations

Onsite labs for all Electrician Trainee courses are currently held at WECA's Sacramento Region and San Diego Training Facilities, with some limited availability for 100-series courses at our Riverside facility as well. See below for lodging suggestions, if you're traveling to attend an onsite lab.